Friday, November 15, 2013

Mystics Book # 1 Nabs 5 stars from Readers' Favorite

MYSTICS # 1: THE SEVENTH SENSE, gets 5 stars from Readers' Favorite

Reviewed by Sylvia Heslin for Readers' Favorite

Kim Richardson’s new series, Mystics Book One: The Seventh Sense, starts right on target with her new character, Zoey St. John, who has almost perfected the art of monster demon killing all by herself. It is a mystery to Zoey why she is the only person who can sense and see monsters. Fourteen-year old foster child Zoey attracts monster demons like bees to honey. Zoey has no family or friends to speak of and she is left to her own devices. She must continually do research to try to figure out about the supernatural component that plagues her life. On a day that is like no other, Zoey finds out that her foster mom has been embodied by a monster demon. Unfortunately for Zoey, the drama does not stop there. Zoey is confronted by a monster demon who tries to kill her. Zoey’s entire world changes in that very instant and life will never be the same. While Zoey is trying to fight the monster demon, she receives help from some mystery men and discovers that she is actually one of them. That is the reason she can see and hear monster demons that no one else is able to see. She possesses the seventh sense - a gift that is like no other.

Kim Richardson, author of the enticing series Soul Guardians, hits gold in her second series. This book is Kim Richardson’s first volume in her new young adult supernatural/fantasy series. Her stories come alive once again with protagonist Zoey St. John. I really like Kim Richardson’s writing style and the way that she develops her characters, but always leaves her readers second guessing the next step. Her new series has all of the mystery, intrigue, and sabotage of a Hollywood movie. I can’t wait to read Book 2 called Mystics: The Alpha Nation, and Book 3 Mystics: The Nexus, where the adventures or misadventures of Zoey St. John’s life will be resumed.

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