Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MORTAL, book # 6 now available on Amazon!

MORTAL, Soul Guardians Book 6 is now available on Amazon's kindle. I will keep you posted as soon as it becomes available on Barnes&Noble, Sony, itunes, Kobo....Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3D book trailer

Below is animated sequence of Kara and David at Orientation. David's hair still needs to be tad lighter. The Oracle's office at Orientation is amazing, the modeler did a fantastic job.

And here is an Oracle scrying into his crystal. I love that you can actually see the little hairs on his hands and the side of his face. The trailer is coming only great. Very excited to have this one of a kind book trailer.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Children's Fantasy Ebook - Marked, Soul Guardians Book 1

Free Children's Fantasy Ebook - Marked, Soul Guardians Book 1. Download the ebook for FREE on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, Apple, Smashwords:

A Fantasy Series for Children & Teens.


Sixteen year-old Kara Nightingale’s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down when she dies and wakes up in a strange new world with a new career—as a rookie for the Guardian Angel Legion. Kara is pulled into the supernatural, where monkeys drive the elevators, oracles scurry above giant crystal balls, and where demons feed on the souls of mortals.

With the help of her Petty Officer and friend, David, Kara hurtles towards an adventure that will change her life forever…
Download the first book of the bestselling series!

Watch the book trailer for MARKED:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seirs, # 1 on bestsellers in children's fiction

I woke up to see that the French translation of SEIRS (Soul Guardians # 5) is # 1 Bestsellers in Children's fiction on the The other books are in the category "most on demand". How thrilling. I don't even mind the snow now ;)

Les Cultiste, # 1 - Les meilleures ventes en Romans fantastiques pour la jeunesse

Les meilleures ventes en Romans fantastiques pour la jeunesse.

Les Cultistes, # 1 sur Amazon!!!