Sunday, July 17, 2011

READERS FAVORITE - "Book Reviews and Award Contest"

I was thrilled to see another 5 star review for my book Marked. Even more so, when i discovered who had left it - The Readers Favorite, Book Reviews and Awards Contest". I entered Marked in the Children's/YA Fiction category. I never expected them to like it, let alone give me such an awesome review. I should hear back from the Readers Favorite Awards in August, when they will announce the finalists. Below is the review left on Amazon.

Loved this book from the beginning to the end -

Reviewed by Sylvia H. for
In Marked, Soul Guardians Book One by Kim Richardson, Kara Nightingale is chosen to be part of the legion of angels who are chosen to become guardian angels, or soul savers. After sixteen-year-old Kara is hit by a bus, her soul is saved, and she becomes one of the chosen: a guardian angel for others whose lives suddenly ended as tragically as hers did. The story follows Kara and her guardian angel keeper, petty officer David, as they attempt to save souls from the demons and as they try to keep the demons at bay. At the same time, they must guard their own angel life force from the demons. Kara and David's soul saving assignments become much more difficult when they discover that the demons are actually after Kara and that she has been "marked." The story continues with Kara being forced to prove she is innocent of being a traitor. She is sent on a life changing special assignment, or "Life Quest," that will change life as she knows it forever.

I really loved this book from the beginning to the end, and I can't wait to read the sequel, Book Two. I really enjoyed how Kim Richardson's story takes unexpected twists and turns at almost every angle and keeps the reader riveted for more. This book is a definite page turner, and I would recommend it for anyone who loves and believes in the supernatural, angels and demons, and reincarnation.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wattpad Fans

On my journey as an indie author, i've discovered a great site with loads of wonderful readers and fans. Wattpad is the largest ebook community, where readers connect with authors and share their stories. There are short stories and finished novels of every genre. I've read many great stories on this site. Who knew people read books on their phones? I didn't. I thought I was pretty hip with my kindle!

Since June 9th of this year, I have about 36,000 reads of my book Marked on Wattpad. I've received such great and encouraging comments. Most of them saying that they loved my book and can't wait for the sequel. Well, all your Wattpad fans will be happy to hear that the sequel, Elemental is now in the hands of my editor. In a few weeks, the sequel will be available.

I truly believe Wattpad is great exposure for the indie author. If you're willing to offer your book for free for a few months, you should add it. Millions of readers visit the site each month. It's worth a try.

Well, i'm off working on book 3. Just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to all the fans and readers on Wattpad.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

YA Books for Boys

I've been thinking of doing a new series that would appeal more to teen boys or younger. I had first thought of my character as a tomboy, but now i'm wondering if my main character should be a boy. Why not? The market is so saturated with girl books (i'm speaking in terms of YA of course) why not try the boy market?

I've done some research on the matter. I've read that ALL agents are looking for YA boy books. Hmm. Not sure about that. What I also read was that it's even harder to break into that market because the book needs to appeal to girls at some level. So, girls would have to like the books too.

Well, i'm a huge fan of the Bartimaeus trilogy, or the Percy Jackson books, and i'm female. I love these books, and i love the characters. You do find the main character's to be boys, but there are also strong female characters in the books. But, Harry is still my favorite.

So i'm left wondering if i should just GO FOR IT. Who knows if it'll happen? I have a series with my main character being female, and the traditional publishers didn't pick it up. Perhaps i will try my next series with a boy as my main character. I think it'll be lots of fun, and new for me. And a challenge. I love a challenge. Let's see if i can pull it off!